use of hosting services 123c.ru (hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor")

1.1 The User agrees not to take actions that may be regarded as violating Russian legislation or other norms of international law.

1.2 Any information entered by the User on the server of the "Contractor" must not contradict the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and generally accepted norms of morality and morality.

1.3 The User is warned that the Administration of the "Contractor" is not responsible for visiting and using external resources, links to which may be contained on the websites of the "Contractor". As well as any other information posted on the websites of the "Contractor"

1.4 The User agrees that the Administration of the "Contractor" is not responsible and has no direct or indirect obligations to the User in connection with any possible or incurred losses or losses related to the "Contractor", copyright registration and information about such registration, goods or services available or obtained through external sites or resources or other User contacts that he entered using the services of the "Contractor" information or links to external resources.

1.5 The User accepts the provision that all materials and services of the "Contractor" or any part thereof may be accompanied by advertising. The User agrees that the Administration of the "Contractor" does not bear any responsibility and has no obligations in connection with such advertising.

2.1 The Administration has the right to unilaterally change the rules, agreements and any parts of the service at any time.

2.2 If the transfer amount to the service account for a transaction exceeds the transaction amount (by mistake or for another reason), this amount is not refunded and is not transferred back, the amount remains with the service irrevocably.

2.3 After transferring funds to the service account, only the transaction amount to the same bank details from which it was received, minus 10%, is subject to refund in disputed issues or at the discretion of the service. The service does not take into account any commissions of any payment systems in any direction.

3.1. The Customer undertakes:3.1.1. Timely pay for the Contractor's Services under this Agreement.3.1.2 Timely send Orders to the Contractor and make payments for
registration /extension of services under the Agreement.3.1.3. Indicate reliable information about yourself in the Contract, in the documentation related to the Contract, on the Contractor's website and in the PO. The responsibility for providing false data and possible adverse consequences of such actions lies with the Client. The Contractor has the right to request from
Documents confirming the accuracy of information about the Customer, including by e-mail (a request sent in this way is recognized by the Parties as a full-fledged legal
a document having a simple written form). If the Customer does not provide such documents within the period specified in the request, the Contractor has the right to suspend the provision of services to the customer.3.1.4. Promptly notify the Contractor of changes in the full name, address and contact details.
3.1.5. In case of technical problems, immediately inform the contractor about it.3.1.6. Comply with the Rules for the provision of services posted on the Contractor's website.3.1.7. When the Customer uses the services of the Contractor to carry out activities that, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, are subject to certification and licensing, the Customer must have properly issued licenses, certificates and other permits necessary to carry out these activities on the territory of the Russian Federation. In case of absence
The Contractor is not responsible for the use of the Contractor's services by the Customer in violation of current legislation.3.1.8. If the Customer uses the Contractor's services for the purpose of collecting, storing and processing information containing personal data, as well as other confidential information, the Customer is obliged to ensure the security of such data at his own expense in accordance with the current legislation.
3.1.9. The Customer undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of their credentials (Login and password
Password (s) of the Customer, as well as other information authorizing the Customer in the Contractor's system).
The Contractor is not responsible for any damage of any kind incurred by the Customer in connection with the disclosure of his credentials by the latter. Any person who has provided the Contractor with the Password(s) and other information
confidential information necessary to identify the Customer, or who uses these
data for authorization in the Control Panel, may be considered by the Contractor as a representative
The Customer acting on behalf of the Customer.
3.1.10. Promptly get acquainted with the changes made by the Contractor to the terms of the Agreement
3.1.11. Fulfill other obligations provided for in this Agreement. 3.2.

4.1 are considered individually at the discretion of the Service Administrator.


Storage of personal data.

When finding and or registering on the Website of the Online store https://123c.ru / (hereinafter referred to as the Website) The Client consents to the processing of his personal data, including cookies.
When registering on the Site, the Client provides the following information: last name, first name, email address, password to access the Site (the Client's personal section on the Site). Additional information is indicated by the Client at his request.
Also, the seller may need additional data, for example, the full name, address and phone number of the Client.

Processing of personal data.

The Seller uses the personal data received from the Client:
- to register the Client on the Website;
- to fulfill its obligations to the Client;
- to evaluate and analyze the operation of the Website;
- to determine the winner in the promotions held by the Seller.
The Seller has the right to send messages to the Client related to the Client's orders.
The Seller has the right to send advertising and informational messages to the Client.The most critical data, such as the password for accessing the Client's personal section on the Website, is stored by the Seller in encrypted form.

Dissemination/disclosure of personal data.

The Seller undertakes not to disclose the information received from the Client. At the same time, it is allowed for the Seller to provide information to agents and third parties acting on the basis of an agreement with the Seller to fulfill obligations to the Client (for example, providing the necessary information to a transport company or a payment system).
It is also allowed to disclose information in accordance with reasonable and applicable requirements of the law.
The Seller receives information about the IP address of the Site visitor, but this information is not used to identify the visitor.
The seller uses the "cookies" technology. "Cookies" do not contain the Client's personal data and are not transferred to third parties.
The Seller is not responsible for the information provided by the Client on the Website in a publicly available form.

The period of storage of personal data.

In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 5 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data", personal data should be stored in a form that allows identifying the subject of personal data, no longer than the purposes of their processing require. Since one of the purposes of processing personal data provided by the Client to the Seller is to provide services to the Client for an indefinite period of time (repeat orders, cumulative discounts, newsletters, etc.), the Client's personal data is stored by the Seller indefinitely, provided that the Client has not withdrawn consent to the processing of his personal data.

Destruction/depersonalization of personal data.

The Customer has the right to demand the destruction/depersonalization of his personal data previously transferred to the Seller. To do this, you need to send a request to the specified contacts https://123c.ru/contact.php from a registered mailbox account.
The Client can destroy/depersonalize the main personal data transferred to the Seller independently: delete optional registration data, distort mandatory registration data.
The Client may withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data (Part 2 of Article 9 152-FZ "On Personal data").

*The Site has the right to unilaterally delete all Customer data.

*We are cooperating with the police.